Professional Freelance Translator

English, Spanish, Japanese

Portrait of José Carlos Bonilla, Freelance Translator working in English, Spanish, and Japanese

My name is José Carlos Bonilla.


I am a professional Puerto Rican translator working in English, Spanish, and Japanese. I have a master’s degree in Translation, and I possess wide-ranging experience translating texts from different fields, including Marketing, Human Resources, and Education. 


I am an expert at adapting texts into Puerto Rican Spanish, capturing the unique vocabulary and style that set Puerto Ricans apart. 


I am also a lifelong learner of Japanese with over 15 years of study, and I am an expert at adapting Japanese expressions into English and Spanish equivalents.



Delivering quality work on time is my highest priority in any translation job. I work diligently and effectively to make sure my translations are not only correct but also well-written and engaging. In this world of terse AI content, I make sure my translations always feel human and truly engage your audience.



I have a master’s degree in Translation from the University of Puerto Rico. I am also a native speaker of Spanish and English, and I have spent over 15 years studying Japanese. I employ my deep knowledge to truly understand a text and to craft the translation that best achieves the effect of the original.



My years of experience translating texts on a wide range of topics and genres give me the flexibility to translate using different styles, moods, and tone to fit a variety of different contexts. I can handle technical, formal reports with the same ease as light, approachable marketing materials.



🇺🇸 English  > Spanish 🇵🇷

🇵🇷 Spanish > English 🇺🇸

🇯🇵 Japanese > English 🇺🇸

🇯🇵 Japanese > Spanish 🇵🇷

Editing / MT Editing

🇺🇸 English

🇵🇷 Spanish

PDF to Word Conversion

🇺🇸 English

🇵🇷 Spanish


Contact me to inquire about other linguistic services.



Traducoop is a Puerto Rican translation services cooperative. As a member of Traducoop, I am part of its team of professional translators and a member of the cooperative’s Board of Directors.

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