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José Carlos Bonilla‘s blog covers a range of topics related to his interests (especially learning Japanese).


It’s also a multilingual blog, so it also showcases his translations between English and Puerto Rican Spanish.


All blog posts are written and translated by José Carlos.

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Understanding Japanese Numbers to Unlock Your Hidden Potential

Did you know the number 100,000 is called “ten ten thousand” in Japanese? Did you know that “1 million” is called “1 hundred ten thousand” in Japanese? These and other fundamental differences in how Japanese conceives numbers add to the already difficult task of learning numbers in a foreign language. But don’t fret! In this article, I will give you a detailed introduction to how Japanese numbers work.

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learning japanese

5 Resources for Learning Japanese

So you want to learn Japanese.   But you have no idea where to start.   You’ve probably seen a few TikToks or Reels where people explain a few phrases here and there. Maybe you’ve read a thing or two online, in sites such as Tae Kim’s Guide or Tofugu.

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